Food Grade Flooring – Butchers Welshpool

PSC Flooring were called in by John WF Bebb Construction Ltd to look at the Cutting Room and Sausage Room floor at Rikki Lloyd Butchers of . The concrete surface had falls to a central drain and it was evident they had previously painted the floor themselves and it was not lasting.

Initially the floor was thoroughly cleaned and prepared to remove extensive build-up of failed floor paint, using the totally enclosed handheld 110v PCD grinding machine, with the edges being prepared with a handheld total enclosed 110v diamond grinding machine. All residues and dust were vacuumed with a 110v triple motor vacuum.

A 6mm x 6mm saw cut was added to perimeter of floor area, door thresholds, around drains and gullies and where necessary to toe in and anchor screed, before a nominal 6mm heavy duty Resedv Pumadur RT polyurethane, textured, matt, red was laid.

The whole job was done in just one day – a Sunday, to avoid down time in the busy butchers.

“PSC were most accommodating in achieving our client’s tight deadline and even with such a tight timescale they have completely transformed the floor” commented Mr Danny Bebb, Director, John WF Bebb Construction Ltd