Flowcrete UK puts British Supercar on Display

The luxurious new showroom for Britain’s only roadworthy single-seater sports car was floored with a glistening black coating from Flowcrete UK that evokes the elite sophistication of the ultra high performance vehicle.

The Mono is a lightweight, road legal super car, created using the latest racing technology and aimed at drivers looking for a ‘purist driving experience’. BAC, the British manufacturing company behind the Mono, used 82 m² of the decorative flooring solution Rustik Glamourstone, which creates a natural marble effect with a sleek lustre and light reflective finish, for its new Liverpool showroom. This solution was identified as the ideal surface from which to display the exquisitely engineered, high-tech racer, thanks to its ability to combine functionality with aesthetics. The Rustik range is made from colourful pieces of marble encapsulated in a clear resin, giving it an attractive, slip resistant finish that’s durable enough to resist continuous foot and vehicle traffic without deteriorating. BAC intends to export the Mono overseas, with plans in the pipeline to open showrooms in Scandinavia and Northern Europe. The growing company has put Flowcrete solutions on the specification list for all of these upcoming projects. A tailor-made Flowcrete display stand has also been created for BAC to exhibit its supercar at trade events – meaning that wherever the Mono goes in the world Flowcrete is supporting it with a bespoke floor that conveys the car’s high-quality image.