Flowcrete Proves it is Streets Ahead at Street Crane Back

Flowcrete UK’s approved applicators 4M Europe installed 2,000m2 of Flowcrete MF at Street Crane’s new site during a three-week application process

The robust nature of Flowcrete UK’s industrial floors made it the ideal partner for a world-leading crane manufacturer that wanted to develop a new, purpose-built site to showcase its systems. Street Crane’s Chapel-en-le-Frith facility in High Peak needed a flooring solution that would be able to withstand the heavy metal equipment used on-site as well as the substantial loads that would be hoisted and set down on the floor. As the site would be used to demonstrate cranes to potential clients it was especially important for it to retain an aesthetically pleasing appearance that would create a good impression despite the constant movement of heavy industrial equipment. This involved a thorough specification process before Flowcrete MF was chosen. Approved applicators, 4M Europe, installed 2,000m2 of Flowcrete MF at the new site during a three-week application process. This polyurethane resin floor finish is able to provide a heavy-duty surface that has a very high chemical resistance, meaning that it is able to withstand Street Crane’s operational activities for an extended period of time. It will also help the on-site staff maintain a clean and inviting environment, as its seamless, non-tainting and non-dusting finish makes it easy to clean away dirt and contaminants. An important aspect of Street Crane’s floor design was the inclusion of bright yellow lines that marked out the different areas of the site. Intensive industrial activity can take its toll on the colour and integrity of floor signage, lessening its navigational and safety value over time. To avoid this scenario Flowcrete UK’s industrial flooring solutions have been designed to ensure that the floor signage remains crisp, clear and colourful in the face of heavy and continuous manufacturing activity.