Floor coating for Precast Plant

The floor area in a precast concrete plant is generally subjected to aggressive heavy traffic and abrasion, and is difficult to keep clean. Shay Murtagh not only seeks to continuously improve product quality through technology, but also encourage a sense of pride within their work-force that ultimately shines through in the finished product. A decision was made that coating the floor area of the Raharney plant would be a key element in achieving this lift in attitude.

Knowing the harsh conditions the chosen product would be subjected to, the client wanted a floor coating that was fast curing, extremely hard-wearing and easy to apply, with an attractive finish and easy to clean. Being applied in a working environment and with health and safety in mind, an additional request was that the coating be solvent-free so that there were no fumes during application. Fosroc’s Nitoflor FC150, in Powder Blue, was chosen as it meets all of these criteria and required only basic substrate preparation.

It is almost impossible to keep floor areas in a working precast concrete plant completely clean, but at Shay Murtagh a “clean as you go” attitude has been encouraged by the visually improved workspace. This attitude not only creates a safer place to work with less floor clutter and machinery / tooling is maintained to a higher level, but the concept of being proud of where you work transpires directly into all stages of manufacture and product quality is kept to a consistently high standard. The fact that the floor colour matches the traditional blue Shay Murtagh company colours was as intended and adds to the finished coating’s aesthetic appeal