Farm Shop and Restaurant, Huddersfield

Project Type:

Installation Type:
Decorative Flake

Finish Type:
FeRFA Type 4

ACC Flooring Ltd was appointed by Illingworth & Gregory Ltd to install the resin flooring works to Britain’s first farm shop.

Eight years after fire engulfed their farm shop, work has now been completed to a £2.5m project to build state-of-the-art premises at Hinchcliffe’s Farm Shop and Restaurant in Huddersfield. Four months after the fire the business moved into its temporary home, two massive marquees pushed together.

The substrate to the 380m² area was mechanically prepared by enclosed diamond grinding to remove any laitance. ACC Bulk, a resin rich heavy duty, granite reinforced, trowel applied polyurethane repair mortar was applied to the perimeter of the area to reduce the undulation.

ACC Bulk is ideal for use as an underlayment or infill on concrete or polymer modified cementitious screeds and to form falls or ramps prior to application system. Applied at thickness of 10 – 60mm the product is available for light pedestrian traffic after 8 hours and over-coating in 16 hours.

ACC Maintain Floor Repair was applied to 12m² of unsound area. This product is a low odour concrete specifically designed to provide an easy to use floor patching compound offering outstanding durability, impact and abrasion resistance and good chemical resistance. Installed at thickness of 5 – 10mm, the product is available for light pedestrian traffic after 6 hours.

The expansion joints were diamond saw cut and re-instated with ACC Expand polyurethane modified epoxy expansion jointing compound.

Ten floor boxes which had been fitted by others were filled in and made good with ACC Bulk.

ACC Flake system @ 1.5mm was installed throughout. The system included a coat of Altro Tect high build epoxy coating in Winter Grey which was fully blinded with decorative acrylic flakes and left to cure overnight. The excess flakes were swept off and 2 coats of Altro Screed clear seal applied to complete the installation.

The installation was completed in time for the Farm Shop to open on the 13th September 2019.