Factory Floor in Lincolnshire for Parts Manufacturer

Factory flooring is one of the main installation services which we provide. Due to how busy a factory can be, the flooring needs to be hard-wearing against day to day use. It may also require anti-slip properties, chemical resistance or safety line marking.

In this case, the factory floor in Lincolnshire had a build-up of previous paints which had been used on the floor. Because of this, the floor needed to be ground down to remove the old paint. Once this was completed, we installed a primer coat high-build epoxy resin coating in light grey. Another two coats were added over the next few days as well as a mid-blue gangway. On the final day, we installed yellow safety lines to highlight the walkway which were 100mm wide.

The materials coordinator from the Manufacturer stated the following:

“First class job carries out in a totally professional manner. The workmanship and the attention to detail is first class. The whole experience has been perfect, and the finish is outstanding. A very good service”. 

Monarch are epoxy resin flooring contractors who install factory flooring throughout the UK. We also install polyurethane and fast curing resin systems to a wide range of settings. We have offices in Derbyshire, Yorkshire and Lancashire and work throughout the UK as specialist resin flooring contractors.

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