Extensive Gardens, Brentwood

Total Protection Ltd were honoured to be awarded the works at this prestigious property on the outskirts of Brentwood. The client opted to have Terrabase Rustic ‘Oak’ installed to a combined area size of 605sqm @ 30mm depth.  The areas covered included a driveway to one of the dwellings on the estate as well as the pathway areas to the main gardens which stretch over extensive grounds.

Existing concrete pathways throughout the grounds of the garden area were showing signs of cracking. In view of this Total Protection advised that the concrete be removed and replaced with a well compacted loose aggregate. This provided a suitable substrate to accept the Terrabase Rustic system. The surface finish of this system provides the desired aesthetics required by the client. It also eliminates the risk of future cracking due to its flexibility.

The driveway area consisted of a Tarmac substrate laid by others before our arrival, which was ready to receive the Terrabase Rustic system immediately.

The addition of the Terrabase Rustic to the driveway and pathway areas look simply stunning.  It makes the perfect frame to the ornamental ponds, and extensive gardens.

Works took place over 6 days.  The client was delighted with the results, stating, “it looks even more amazing than we’d imagined.”

Both the client and Total Protection very much look forward to returning to complete the works to the driveway areas of the main house next year.