Expertly crafted flooring solutions for a craft beer brewery

A popular brewery brand was expanding its headquarters in Norfolk, to support an increase in demand for its craft beer range. John Lord was chosen to install its exclusive antimicrobial resin flooring and stainless-steel drainage systems in the facility.

Uragard-HT62W antimicrobial resin flooring was an ideal solution for the project due to its durability, chemical resistance, and anti-slip properties. A total of 170m2 was installed throughout the brewhouse and taproom.

Aspen Stainless Davos Plus drain channels were installed to cope with the high level of waste demand within the brewery.

The strictest levels of hygiene standards are required within food and drink facilities due to the build-up of bacteria and possible cross-contamination of liquids. In these facilities, the floors and drains work hand in hand to direct wastewater into the central drainage channel within the processing area.

A perfectly fitted flooring and drainage system will boost the hygienic performance of the entire facility. This includes employee health & safety, operational costs as well as consumer safety. Our dedicated project managers work closely with contractors during the installation process to ensure the highest standards are achieved.