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Epoxy Resin Walkways for Lancashire Manufacturers

Monarch are epoxy resin flooring contractors who install a lot of flooring within the industrial sector. On this occasion, we were asked to look at a resin walkway floor in Lancashire which had become worn due to the business of the factory. The previous surface was a rough concrete which had been painted many times by the client. As a result, the roughness created by flaking paint had created an uneven surface to move on. The factory used dollies to move the products back and forth across the walkways and as a result of the rough floor, the bumpiness caused the dollies to vibrate. This was causing a lot of issues within the factory. In the end, it was clear that the floor needed to be removed and refreshed so that they would have a smooth surface to move the products around on.

Flooring Installation

Firstly, the old painted floor needed to be removed. This was accomplished by dust free shot blasting and diamond grinding the floor until an even surface was left. Afterwards, we installed two coats of Monarprime DPM which is a damp shield coating. This helps to prevent moisture coming through the floor and reaching the surface in the form of bubbling. Later, we installed a self-levelling epoxy resin Monarflow. The self-levelling aspect of the epoxy resin is used because it creates a smooth surface on uneven floors. The colour of the floor was a special RAL colour specifically manufactured for the client.

The project was completed over weekends when the factory was closed. As a result, the resin flooring work did not cause an issue with the factories regular weekday work. There was over 350sqm in total completed over the weekend periods. The old resin expansion joints were also reinstated with new during this project.

factory flooring lancashire - epoxy resinfactory flooring lancashire - epoxy resin

More About Us

Monarch are resin flooring contractors who work across the UK. As well as epoxy resin, we also install polyurethane and fast curing resin systems to suit many sectors. As industrial flooring specialists, we work around the client to make sure works are completed in a timely manner surrounding their preferred shutdown period. We have offices in Derbyshire, Yorkshire and Lancashire and work throughout the UK providing specialist resin flooring solutions. As well as self-levelling systems, Monarch installs a range of other resin flooring systems which we install in industrial settings. For example, anti-slip flooring,

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