Degafloor offers perfect solutions for commercial kitchens

Degafloor systems offer a fast curing flooring for commercial kitchen flooring that delivers outstanding slip resistance, even at the extremes of operating conditions.

Commercial kitchen environments can be incredibly demanding, often with a large number of staff working in a relatively confined space. High levels of footfall together with a wet and humid environment, and the risk of grease and food debris getting on the floor, means that flooring choice is absolutely essential in the design of safe and durable kitchens. Traditionally, commercial kitchens have been developed using tiles or vinyl sheet floor finishes. These products have served the industry well, but they do have shortcomings. Tiles offer a highly durable finish when installed correctly, but can and do crack and often become slippery when exposed to grease and food debris. The alternative has tended to be vinyl sheet floors, but the welded joints fail and, together with general damage, allow water to penetrate to the substrate below destroying the adhesive, resulting in floor failure. Additionally, it is almost impossible to repair vinyl sheet floors reliably, so once an issue occurs, the floor can quickly deteriorate into a patchwork quilt of repair, followed by repair, none of which ultimately stand the test of time. To overcome these issues, many specifiers and end customers have turned to Degafloor for a fast curing, highly durable and easy to repair solution. In all cases, we have been able to recommend our FB or QTA systems which have a longstanding track record in the food processing industry, so are a natural choice for commercial kitchens. Both the FB and QTA systems offer a profiled surface finish that delivers outstanding slip resistance, even at the extremes of operating conditions. The totally seamless nature of these floors eradicate most of the common issues with vinyl and tiled finishes and the chemical bonding process that occurs during the ultra fast 2 hour curing process means that durable and permanent repairs can be achieved in the rare situations that repairs are required. Based on the benefits we have been able to demonstrate, Degafloor resin flooring systems are widely used by a number of major pub and restaurant operators, including IKEA, Zizzi, Hilton Hotels, De Vere, and two of the largest pub companies in the UK.