Degafloor at Burton Biscuits

Major UK biscuit manufacturer, Burton Biscuits, has recently undertaken a large refurbishment project at its factory in Blackpool.

To ensure the company’s needs were adequately catered for the Degafloor FB system was recommended, which was installed over quarry tiles across the production area of 790 m2. Before the new floor could be installed, significant preparation works had to be carried out including creating falls the full length of the area from the middle of the ovens to allow water to run off during wash down. The new finish was installed in 8 hour shifts and the client was most impressed with the speed of cure of the Degafloor FB system which enabled for the installation to be completed in three instead of four days, as originally planned. The Degafloor finish was also installed onto the packing room floor, which took 2 further days to complete. In total, 4000m2 of Degafloor resin has been installed across Burton Biscuits factory. It was crucial that the new floor was durable enough to withstand the daily challenges of busy food production areas and that it could be installed fast to minimise any potential disruption to business operations. The Degafloor FB system is a hardwearing finish based on advanced Methyl Methacrylate resin technology that enables rapid installations and creates a virtually unbreakable bond to the substrate. This means that once installed, the Degafloor resin system will outperform most traditional flooring finishes without the need for repair even when exposed to constant pressures from foot traffic, heavy machinery or rigorous cleaning regimes using harsh chemicals. Burton Biscuits were highly impressed with the professionalism of the installation team and the quality of the finished floor, which complements the design of this production facility and ensures a safe working environment for all users.