Monarch Resin Greater Manchester School Floor

Decorative flake resin flooring refresh at Greater Manchester school

Resin flooring in high traffic areas, such as schools, can be challenging because of high footfall within heavily used areas such as corridors and stairways. At Monarch Resin Floors we worked with Sherwin-Williams at Failsworth School, we used our flake blend, along with Sherwin resin products. The end result was a flooring solution that seamlessly blended durability, safety and aesthetic appeal.

Monarch Resin Greater Manchester School Floor
Monarch Resin Greater Manchester School Floor

The goal was clear: a resilient, easy-to-clean finish with low odour for the school environment. The selected areas needed a durable flooring solution because of the constant footfall during school hours. It also needed a finish which was UV stable due to the amount of natural light through the roof into the atrium.

While safety and seamlessness topped the priority list, the well-lit surroundings gave the opportunity for a decorative finish using one of our flake blends. Resin skirting was used to make the floor easier to clean, because it prevents a build-up or dirt and bacteria in the edges. Along with making sure the compatibility with expansion joints to allow for building movement.

As the resin flooring contractor on this project, we worked closely with Sherwin-Williams. We opted for a multi-coat resin system featuring our flake blend and Sherwin resin products. The chosen system included:

Resuprime ST epoxy primer,
Resuflor HB epoxy high build base coat,
Deco Flake decorative UPV flake scatter with glitter,
Elladur clear polyaspartic high build UV stable coating and,
Resupen WB clear matt polyurethane water-based UV stable sealer.

The application process involved surface prep, primer base coat application, distribution of decorative flakes and glitter, and a water-based polyurethane matt seal coat. Skilled applicators ensured a flawless finish, considering the short pot life of Polyaspartic-based products.

This broad, solvent-free resin flooring system, included water-based materials, extending beyond the floor surface to include floor joints and skirting. The intention was to create a long lasting resin floor that would help sustainability, by eliminating the need for removal and potential landfill waste.

Monarch Resin Greater Manchester School Floor
Monarch Resin Greater Manchester School Floor

The result was a visually stunning resin flooring solution, complete with a decorative sparkle, suitable for the demands of an education building. The seamless resin floor system provides a cohesive, safe, easily maintainable, and long lasting floor.

Meeting the criteria set for safety, the floor underwent TRRL Pendulum anti-slip testing, adhering to the BS 7976-2:2002+A1:2013 standard. The outcome: a low slip potential in both wet and dry conditions.

We are really pleased with the result of this decorative resin flooring solution for Failsworth School.

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