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Decorative Epoxy Resin Floor Screed at Pharmaceutical Facility

Monarch recently completed a decorative epoxy resin floor screed at a pharmaceutical facility. Although these are difficult times, our contracting team are working hard to ensure that vital resin flooring works continue on site. This key installation provided a finished resin floor which was decorative and seamless with integral coving. This hygienic installation had no seams at the floor/wall junction.

This project was started before the Covid-19 government lockdown instructions and was completed with new distancing measures in place. The overall site programme time was met to enable a key pharmaceutical facility to return to full production with the minimum of downtime.

Preparation and Installation

The existing floor was a vinyl sheeting floor, which we mechanically removed before installing a decorative epoxy screed. The intention was to match up with the adjacent floor to create a continuous hygienic and hard wearing floor.  Once the vinyl sheeting was removed from the floor, we began the process of diamond grinding the floor down to create a clean, textured surface ready for resin installation. We primed the floor and then installed a 4mm Resuscreed QS decorative resin floor manufactured by Sherwin Williams Ltd.

Resuscreed QS is a decorative epoxy resin floor screed. It incorporates multi-coloured aggregates and is designed to be hard wearing, attractive and an impervious sealed surface. We installed 250 sq mtrs of this floor with integral coved resin skirting finished with four coats of clear resin sealer, matt finish.

Stages Leading to the Final Floor

As you can see from the images above, the project was a success. Monarch install epoxy resin systems throughout the UK and specialise in decorative screeds. This floor will last approximately 10 years with the proper upkeep and maintenance. This is perfect for a factory of this kind which is in constant use. As well as being a strong floor, having a resin skirting will create a more hygienic floor as bacteria will not get trapped along the edges of the floor. Coved skirting allows for a surface which is easier to clean and sanitise.

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