Curzon Cinema, Oxford

A new Curzon venue was built in Oxford in 2018 within the Westgate Shopping Complex.
Set over two floors, it incorporates five screens showcasing blockbuster, independent and
international films as well as a bar and cafe. It was within the new bar that an Arturo Resin
Floor was installed. Curzon Cinemas are more than just a place to watch films but also act
as place to meet, socialise and drink. The atmosphere and comfort of the bar play important
roles within the venues where cinema becomes a memorable experience.

Each of the thirteen venues across the UK are designed and furnished individually. Therefore,
in order to create a unique environment it was essential that the floor helped contribute
towards the character. Not only was it important for the floor to be attractive but it also
needed to be robust enough to compensate for heavy footfall and constant movement of
furniture. Raised access flooring was present in the area designated for the bar so suitable
preparation was required before the Arturo resin floor was installed.

Arturo is able to provide bespoke and unique floors to create stunning floor designs. In order
to create the desired appearance the resin flooring contractor was able to
offer the client several ‘concrete look’ designs to choose from the Arturo Colour Collection.
The client decided on ‘Chique Motion’ a dark grey concrete look which was poured on site
creating bespoke patterns and swirls.

They first had to ensure that the raised access floor was ready to accept the
resin floor. This was achieved by installing two layers of 12 mm marine ply wood over
the area, which was then primed with Arturo EP6500 Primer. Arturo PU2060 flexible
polyurethane self-smoothing floor was then applied at 2 mm across the substrate followed
by Arturo PU2030 to give the floor the concrete effect. Finally Arturo PU7750 and PU7320
seal coats were applied to provide the necessary finish and durability. The Arturo resin floor
was installed across the first and second floors as well as 22 steps and landing.

The seamless ‘concrete look’ floor not only provided Curzon Cinemas with a contemporary,
unique and attractive floor but also provides a number of practical benefits such as durability
and underfloor comfort. Together with the interior décor the floor has helped create a stylish
and comfortable bar which Curzon customers can enjoy a drink and converse.