Crisp New Flooring for Snack Food Manufacturer

A leading snack food manufacturer was upgrading its existing process areas and needed brand new flooring and drainage systems.

As the facility is to be used for food production, the flooring needed to be hygienic, hard-wearing, and easy to clean. John Lord installed a total of 3000m2 of Uragard HT62W, which lends itself particularly well to food manufacturing facilities due to the high degree of durability and anti-slip resistance.

200m of bespoke Aspen drainage systems were installed to cope with the high level of waste demand on site. The channel profile was carefully designed to provide an easy to clean surface with a self-draining slope feature.

Having one supplier for both flooring and drainage is a huge benefit when it comes to designing the best system for your needs. The perfectly fitted flooring and drainage system boosted the overall performance of the facility which included employee health & safety, operational costs and consumer safety. Our dedicated project managers worked closely with the contractor during the entire installation process to ensure the highest standards for flooring, drainage and protection were achieved.