Conference Rooms & Corridor, Halifax

ACC Flooring was asked to provide a solution for 5 conference rooms & a small corridor at the Elsie Whiteley Innovation Centre in Halifax. All rooms had carpet tiles which were beginning to look tired.

The carpet tiles were uplifted, removed & disposed of to leave a concrete substrate with areas around the perimeter of each room of uneven & unlevel wooden boards which had been access points for the services. However, these were now redundant & required a solution to make the substrate level with the adjacent concrete to avoid any potential cracking at the transition.

The wooden boards were prepared & infilled with ACC Maintain Floor Repair, a polyurethane floor patching kit & made level. The concrete substrate was prepared with hand held vacuum diamond grinders, removing any laitance left from the carpet tiles. The failed expansion joints were diamond saw cut & infilled with flexible mastic.

A coat of ACC HB SF solvent free high build epoxy coating was laid throughout & Cumulus decorative acrylic flakes fully broadcast into the coating. On curing the excessive flakes were swept off, a coat of Altro Screed Seal and a coat of Altro Seal WB Matt were then applied to complete the installation.

ACC Flake system has a life expectancy in a commercial environment of 8 years & is ideal for medium duty locations including atria, reception areas, corridors, walkways and communal areas.