Central get Aeroplanes Flying with Flowcrete

One of the worlds largest aeroplane engine manufacturers recently contacted Central Flooring Services to carry out specialist flooring works for them.

The client had recently updated some of the engine movers to operate on a Hover system. However, prior to the machines going live, the floor was in urgent need of levelling as a level survey revealed that the floor level varied from plus 30mm to minus 25mm. To level the floor it was prepared by floor planing and diamond grinding to remove the high spots. Once the floor highspots were dealt with an application of Flowscreed Industrial Top was used to reduce the low spots. Having fully cured another level survey was undertaken to pinpoint any deviations. Following which the whole 200m2 area was lightly prepared and nominal 3mm Flowfresh SL was applied. The final level survey showed the floor to be level throughout and when tested with the Hover Mover, proved the most successful floor to date. The project generated around 600kgs of waste due to the quantity of concrete waste created whilst grinding, of which Central Flooring were able to recycle 97%. The project was delivered on time and to budget. The client was so pleased with the overall outcome, he has now placed orders for further areas. Investment in employees through the FeRFA Training Scheme ensures CFS continue to employ the most highly trained and certified floor layers in the industry. Due to the advancements in the resin flooring market, a single source manufacturer was used throughout. Using Flowcrete allowed for the installation from levelling screed to the final finish from one supplier.