Central Flooring Services Complete Flood Protection System

The client required a seamless resin flooring system that would offer a longterm solution against possible floods, should a piece of plant fail.

Central Flooring worked closely with Flowcrete UK to complete the flood protection. Preparation The preparation had to be carefully planned, as they had to operate around and under the existing plant. Central Flooring used hand held plant connected directly to 3-motor vacuums to ensure dust was captured at source. Once we had carried out all the surface preparation, they could commence the actual application of the material. Floor System Due to the self-smoothing properties of the FlowShield LXP HD, they were able to apply the product where standard systems would not be suitable. The system also exhibits flexible properties and exhibits excellent chemical properties, once fully cured will resist cracking if the concrete moves due to the flexible nature of the product. Plant room concrete protection is of paramount importance as any failures are only noticed once the floor leaks to the rooms below. Environment Central Flooring recycled 100% of all the waste produced during our works. They are Licensed Waste Carriers, which allows them to legally remove waste from site. By employing, investing and training CFS staff to FeRFA standards, they continue to grow their customer base.