Cattery Floor Combines Colour with Cleanability

Resin Coating Specialists used Flowcrete UK industrial flooring solutions for a multifunctional animal care and equestrian facility that wanted to build a new, high-end cattery.

Larton Farm Cattery required a high performance finish that would be durable enough to withstand the site’s daily working conditions as well as make sure that the new area would maintain a consistently high standard of hygiene. It was also important that the floor’s colour and appearance would impress clients when visiting the cattery. Resin Coating Specialists installed 180m2 of Flowfresh SL and 210m2 of Flowshield FX during a one-week application process. The cream coloured Flowfresh SL coating was applied across the cattery area while Flowshield FX was used to create a black walkway around the room. Implementing a rigorous and effective cleaning regime would be critical, especially for contamination prone areas such as underneath the animal cages. The seamless and impervious nature of the chosen flooring solutions was ideal, as any contaminants can be quickly and easily removed from the area. The antibacterial agent Polygiene® is incorporated within every Flowfresh floor, this additive is able to kill up to 99.9% of bacteria, including the Parvovirus and MRSA. Foot traffic, frequent cleaning and feline habitation would be the main challenges facing the floor. The robust characteristics of Flowcrete’s industrial finishes meant that Larton Farm Cattery’s floor would not fail when faced with the realities of daily use. Prior to installing the floor, bespoke samples and consultations were provided to tailor the project to the client’s budget and time frame as well as ensure that the work could fit in with other on-site contractors.