Car park installation by ACC a green success

ACC Flooring has recently undertaken a full car park installation to include all resin floor coating, floor demarcation and signage with improved slip resistance where appropriate.

A major car park installation project by ACC Flooring was scheduled for 10 days – but was completed in just seven due to the hard work of the contracts team, and to the delight of the Main Contractor. The flooring system specified was manufactured outside the UK and would take at least 3 weeks to obtain. ACC successfully changed the material to one that only had to travel around 100 miles, reducing the carbon footprint, to the satisfaction of all. The project was against the clock and had to be fitted in around other trades, sometimes working into the night to allow areas to be handed back the next morning. As no allowance had been made for slip resistance, ACC demonstrated the need for this to be considered in all areas where this was a potential hazard. The demarcation was also redesigned by the team to ensure it was installed to allow for the optimum amount of car parking spaces and allowing for disabled and motor-cycle parking. The client selected a special colour for the demarcation, which the supplier colour matched to the delight of the customer. A recycling figure of 100% was achieved on the works and all waste was removed legally by ACC’s own transport. The client was overjoyed with the total project package we delivered and since led to further orders within the group. The project was completed earlier than planned, on budget and the carbon footprint was not challenged due using UK manufacturers.