BOC’s medical fill area finished fast by IRL

The IRL Group has completed the refurbishment of a medical fill area at BOC Ltd’s Wolverhampton facility. The work was completed within four days so as not to disrupt production at the plant.

BOC Ltd is the largest supplier of gases, associated equipment and related services in the United Kingdom. They serve a range of industries including healthcare, food and drink, refrigerant and other speciality uses. Their medical fill facility in Wolverhampton required refurbishment earlier this year and the IRL Group was able to complete all the works over an extremely tight programme of four days to minimise disruption to production. The existing coating to the 1500 sqm area had to be removed by shot blasting following which isolated repairs we made using epoxy screed. A FeRFA type 6 epoxy broadcast system to a depth of 4mm was laid and sealed with two coats of high build solvent free epoxy coating and all movement joints were reinstated.