Bespoke Design at Emilia Wickstead

The design and aesthetic appearance was a critical factor for the retail outlet of high end fashion designer Emilia Wickstead. A seamless marble look resin system incorporating recycled glass was used throughout, complimented by bespoke matching furniture expertly made from the same resin system.

The client had very specific requirements regarding the look and feel of the space. Altro Terrazzolite EP was used throughout to provide a seamless resin finish to even the most intricate areas of space. Over 20 samples were made at design stage to ensure that the colour was exactly what was was required. Using a bespoke blend of marble and recycled glass the aggregates were pre blended by Surtech to ensure consistency for the whole project. Because of the nature of this resin system it had to be laid onto a flat surface. Therefore all upstands, risers and furniture sections had to be pre-formed off site. The expertise of the contractors, Surtech, in producing the panels meant that the finished furniture gave the impression it had been carved out of one single piece of marble. The location in Sloane Square added to the complexity of the installation but all waste was removed and diverted from landfill to be recycled. The project required the highest levels of both product performance and technical details. Hundreds of hours were spent in preparation, installation and polishing to produce the stunning final result which truly pushes the boundaries of what can be achieved with resin “flooring”.