Bentley Paint Shop

A complete refurbishment of the 3,000m2 paint shop was required to provide a show piece environment for the Bentley Bentayga and a smooth white glossy resin finish installed by Resin Coatings Specialists gave the paint shop the perfect setting.

Bentley, having recently released a new top of the range SUV, the Bentayga, had undertaken many changes on site to improve the facilities ready for its use as a show-piece for the manufacturing of the car. Due to the calibre of the clients Bentley deals it was essential that the new state of the art paint shop was of the highest standard possible. RCS were asked to assist in the specification and installation of a high gloss, hard wearing white floor that would give a ‘wow’ factor finish. The work area was 3000m2 and required all sections of the floor to be taken back to the substrate and a new DPMand full new system installed. The floor was prepared prior to laying the Hydraseal DPM before a screed layer was pumped in three separate areas and prepared to provide the smooth base layer prior to resin coatings. The smooth white Flowcrete Peran SL glossy finish as well as being hard working yet aesthetically pleasing, was chosen because it provided reflective properties to aid the engineers working in the inspection booths. The project time-frame was reduced from 4 months to 2 weeks which meant changes in work flow and working with other contractors on the site to ensure the build was finished in time.