Bearings manufacturer gets sustainable makeover by ACC Flooring

Energy efficient bearings manufacturer gets a sustainable solution for its factory refurbishment from ACC Flooring Ltd

SKF manufactures energy efficient bearings at their factory in Leeds. The bearings are optimized to reduce frictional losses, provide longer service life and reduce energy use. ACC Flooring was a natural choice for its factory refurbishment being able to meet a 100% recycling rate on the project and provide a sustainable solution. The company wished to update an area of its factory where runs its customer training programme. The existing concrete had been painted in-house for many years, resulting in an unsightly build-up of various types of floor paint. This was not very successful or permanent, as it only looked good for a matter of weeks before it started debonding. Added to that the floors had no demarcation and really were in need of urgent refurbishment. With a customer open day looming, SFK wanted a new floor to match their brand new product ranges on display. They needed a fast but effective makeover and ACC Flooring provided the ideal solution, with safety walkways and demarcation as well as including the corporate logo – in just one weekend. Due to the volume of existing paint, both von arx and diamond grinders were utilised to remove all the old paint prior to applying two coats of a solvent free, coloured epoxy coating. With the yellow demarcation lines in place, ACC were able to apply the two colours for the walkways in one day and ensure the floor was finished on time. Once the floor was cured, the company logo was added for the final finish. Resdev’s Pumashield, FeRFA Type 3, was chosen because of its high gloss and the wide colour range available. As the area will only be subject to light foot traffic, the system will provide a good five years of service.