Aztec Screeding Complete Office Refurbishment

The project is a CAT A refurbishment to an existing commercial office space following the sale of the building to BBRE. The design led specification required a precision installation to ensure that the Mondrian inspired artwork to the floor in the central atrium was realised.

The design totalled 188m2 including 54 linear metres of black line marking, all in Altro Flexiflow Comfort slip-resistant. The existing reception/circulation area was a tiled floor, and these had to be removed, along with the bedding screed to enable others to install the Under Floor Heating (UFH) system. A polymer modified levelling screed was installed over the UFH. Unfortunately, following commissioning of the UFH, many thermal stress cracks appeared in the screed. Extensive repairs were completed by skilled employees using epoxy primer and fibre-glass scrim. The screed was fully prepared prior to two coats of Altro Proof being installed, the second coat perpendicular to the first. The bodycoat was then installed at a nominal thickness of 3mm using a trowel. The high gloss bodycoat, was then fully abraded prior to the application of the topcoats. The intricate and precise design meant that great care needed to be taken prior to the application of the topcoats to ensure that the designers plans were followed exactly. Templates were made and sign-off was achieved by the architects to ensure the installation would meet the strict criteria. The artwork consisted of four separate colours; Safety Yellow, Indigo, Cloud and Black. Low-tack tape was used to ensure that the colour didn’t “bleed” underneath the tape at the borders, and to ensure that a crisp line could be achieved within the design. Great care, planning and attention to detail was required during the topcoat phase of this installation to ensure that the project could be completed as per the design, and within the shortest possible timescales to ensure that no un-necessary delays were passed on to the Main Contractor. Working closely with the main contractor at the planning phase, ensured that their expectations were met, and that the works could be carried out to plan, and without incident. There was an excellent working relationship on site between Aztec Screeding and the main contractor.