Arturo help with extensive refurbishment to RAF Museum London.

The Royal Air Force Museum London is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the formation of the Royal Air Force through a major transformation and launch of three new innovative galleries. An Arturo resin floor was used in two of the new galleries which were opened on 30th June 2018.

The client needed to refurbish the old asphalt galley floors so substantial subfloor preparation was required to create a suitable surface on which to install the resin floor. Asphalt floors are notoriously difficult to prepare so an appropriate system was needed for the renovation.  The new floor also needed to withstand a large amount of footfall and heavy loads of the exhibits. Creating a strong, robust and a completely seamless floor was therefore paramount.

Working with the screeding and resin contractor McDaid Screeding Services and the client Arturo provided a suitable specification to meet the client’s needs and provide a durable floor. Arturo are not only able to provide resin systems but also have an extensive screeding and subfloor preparation range so a complete system was utilised including remedial work to the old subfloor.

During this difficult project McDaid Screeding Services carried out preparation work and multiple repairs to the asphalt floor prior to installation of the resin. Arturo were ever present on site to help provide advice and overcome any problems which occurred.

McDaid Screeding Services first carried out remedial work to the old asphalt using a combination of UZIN PE 414 Turbo damp proof membrane, UZIN PE 280 primer, FM 30 industrial top and RR 201 repair fleece.  Arturo EP3600 water based coating and Arturo EP3900 high-build coating and Arturo PU7750 matt seal coat were then used for the surface protection, creating excellent abrasion resistance as well as building the fighter jet grey colour into the floor.

The project was not straight forward and presented numerous challenges throughout. However by working in partnership with McDaid Screeding Services, Arturo were able to help overcome any difficulties which occurred. The resulting Arturo floor is extremely tough and sturdy allowing for thousands of visitors to walk through the museum each year.  The resin floor has a number of practical benefits and is very easy to clean and maintain. The seamless appearance of the floor also helps create an expansive space so the exhibits standout and are showcased.  The Royal Air Force Museum London were very pleased with the floor and said “We would like to thank McDaid’s for their high level of service and quality of install. From the very outset between themselves, Uzin and Arturo they have installed a floor that we are confident will provide a long lasting surface as well as a safe environment for all of our visitors”