Altro & IFT secure new police operational base

New office and cell accommodation for Kittybrewster Community Policing Team gets high-strength, safe and hygienic floors and walls.

The Kittybrewster police operational base has office space for 90 Criminal Justice staff and modern cell accommodation. It is a new base for the Kittybrewster Community Policing Team, Aberdeen City Division. For the over 4,500 m2 installation, Ryder Architecture worked with the Scottish Police and selected Altro resin products as they had been used successfully in similar installations at Northumbria and Avon. They chose Altro resins because of its ease of use and cleaning and providing a secure environment. FeRFA contractor, Industrial Floor Treatments, laid AltroScreed Quartz Racipure in the showers, corridors and cells and AltroTect was used on the corridor and cell walls. For the exercise area AltroCrete was installed. AltroScreed Quartz Rapicure provides a high-strength chemically resistant floor that can be coved and laid to drainage falls and is ready to step on in less than half the time of conventional epoxy systems. AltroTect is a resin coating with a gloss finish that is highly resistant to chemicals and abrasion. AltroCrete offers excellent resistance to impact and abrasion.