Altro Flow High Gloss Epoxy Car Showroom

Altro Flow was specified to produce a high-end look whilst still providing a durable floor finish for this specialist Porsche workshop. The contract also included pre-levelling the concrete base which was out of tolerance, using Ardex K80 rapid drying levelling compound.

Rennsport 911 is a family-run company that specialise in upgrading classic Porsche 911’s to bespoke specifications at their base in the Cotswolds. Father & Son team of Keith & Paul Cockell wanted a high spec floor that reflected the ethos of the company, whilst creating the perfect working environment in their state of the art facility.

Unfortunately, the concrete base suffered from being poured on one of the hottest days of the year resulting in it being far from flat & level. Dips were identified & marked out so they could be removed using Ardex K80 rapid drying floor levelling compound.

Once the levelling compounds were cured, the whole area, totalling approximately 400m2, was prepared by diamond grinding prior to the application of the Altro Flow EP2000 epoxy resin system.

The high gloss finish would not be our standard recommendation for a workshop due to its low slip resistance, but in this precision engineering environment with high standards of housekeeping it was chosen as the best option.

Rennsport – Keith Cockell:-
“We have been exceptionally pleased with our investment in this floor finish. At Rennsport we take pride in creating beautiful classic cars in an environment that sets us apart from our competitors”