Acid Resistant Flooring for Acid Filling Deck

Removal of failing, corroded finishes and application of chemical-resistant Pumadur polyurethane floor and wall finishes to this acid filling area.

We managed to find a window in the Scottish weather to complete the refurb of this acid-filling deck.

The deck is used to fill IBC’s with corrosive chemicals such as sulphuric and hydrochloric acid at high concentrations. Spillages are washed into the gully at the back of the bay, but the falls were insufficient to move the chemicals to the sump.

Where the existing coatings had failed the concrete was under severe attack and was getting worse by the day.

All failing coatings were removed, damaged concrete chopped out & repaired & increased falls were installed in the gully to prevent standing product.

We then applied Pumadur HF to the bottom of the gully and the floor area of the deck before finally lining the vertical surfaces with a chemical-resistant polyurethane render.