ACC Flooring provides bright flooring solution

ACC Flooring have provided a bright, slip-resistant flooring system for a West Yorkshire manufacturing facility.

ACC Flooring was invited to offer solutions for a manufacturing facility in West Yorkshire which was to undergo a major refurbishment to include the floors throughout the premises. The client is a world market leader with production units throughout the world, in particular the UK and United States of America. The project involved mainly working during tight shutdown times, this actual project was completed over a 3-day shutdown. The original order was for 1500m2, however with phases 2 & 3, this amount increased to in excess of 6,000m2 of mainly polyurethane screed. Due to the limited shutdown period polyurethane screed was selected to save time as the existing concrete substrate was covered in 12 years of floor paint which had previously been applied as and when production allowed by the client’s own staff. By the time this was removed, the profile would have been unsuitable to simply apply a high build coating. The polyurethane screed was ideal to allow large prepared areas to be returned to production much quicker due to its fast curing, single application technology. The client wanted to introduce a whole new colour scheme to include safety demarcation, pedestrian walkways and hatched areas. The majority of the floor was treated with a polyurethane screed, however where all the demarcation was installed, ACC applied coloured, epoxy high build coatings to allow anti-slip and bright colours to be used.