A watertight terrace for Blackpool’s Beach Bar

Sika’s fast curing flooring flooring system provides a durable, waterproof and impact resistant solution for a busy Blackpool bar.

Following a devastating fire in Blackpool the Walkabout Bar underwent a �3m regeneration project. Over 200m2 of a Sika fast curing flooring solution was specified to create an impact resistant, durable and waterproof finish – helping the venue to reopen within four months of the fire. During the refurbishment, the three-storey building was reconfigured to include new bars, improved facilities and a stunning outdoor terrace overlooking the town. Mike Thelwell Flooring were appointed to install an external waterproofing system which would provide flexibility, watertightness and tough resistance to footfall, and turned to Sika for product performance, technical knowledge and practical expertise. To create the hard-wearing floor, a three component Sikafloor Pronto system – comprising primer, levelling mortar and a fast curing top coat – was applied within just 5 working days. In addition to exceptional waterproofing abilities, the self-smoothing screed and levelling mortar was scattered with quartz sand to resemble a sandy beach whilst maintaining the watertight and slip resistant surface. Laid to falls to five drain outlets, these were waterproofed individually by dressing Sika Fleece into the openings and encapsulating the fleece into the resin system to maintain a seamless transition. The perimeter upstands were also waterproofed by forming the system to a height of 150mm up the walls. With thousands of customers visiting the bar every week, the tried and tested Sikafloor system will ensure the stunning new balcony is durable, waterproof and resistant for many years to come.