A Quality Floor for the Kennel Club Educational Trust

A Quality Floor for the Kennel Club Educational Trust

Project details

The Kennel Club Building at Stonleigh Park opened in September 2008 and is considered Britain’s best venue created to suit all canine educational needs from dog shows and training sessions to seminars and meetings. A completely dog friendly venue run by the Kennel Club Educational Trust (Registered Charity Number 1121454). Among the excellent facilities offered are two exhibition halls that can accommodate up to 650 dogs in each hall.

The site floor has originally been unsealed green asphalt, but it was stained and was proving very difficult to keep clean, even using strong, industrial cleaning products. It pitted easily and had become uneven, which was a big problem as the venue is available for hire and needed to look good. A tiled floor had been considered, but this idea was dismissed for fear of the tiles lifting and causing further problems. The decision was made to use a resurfacer designed for asphalt and they found Watco through a search on the internet.

The solution

Watco sent someone to the site to discuss their requirements and Watco Asphalt & Concrete resurfacer was suggested as the most suitable product in our range. It provides an attractive, sealed and flexible surface that can be applied at 2mm thick; this would take out the imperfections in the current surface and create a smooth and level floor. Also, being strong and durable, the new surface would last for years.

Watco offered them a sample tin of the product to test, free of charge. It was laid and then tested for 6 weeks, after which the client agreed that it was the ideal product and that they were happy to go ahead with the full order.

The area to be treated was versatile in that it could be separated by roll-down shutters down its length. The individual areas measured 1222m² and 1135m² respectively. For application, the larger area was split again into 3 x 8m wide bays and these bays were masked off, giving a clean edge to work to. A wet edge is easier to work to, but that was not possible with a work area of this size and having a straight line to work to made it easier.

The work was completed in four days, with two men mixing and pouring and three men trowelling the product to give it a smooth finish. It is possible to apply this product by levelling it with a roller and then dragging a soft broom through it to give it a textured, brushed finish. This method is much quicker, but would not have given the Kennel Club the smooth finish they required.

“The finished floor is sealed, smooth, durable and looks good, the Kennel Club are delighted with it.”

Application of Watco Concrete Resurfacer