1785 SQM Warehouse Flooring for Amesplan Limited of Oxford

Amesplan Limited of Whitney in Oxfordshire is a leading auto part supplier supplying the Automotive Parts, Accessories, and Tyre Stores Industry.

The client had purchased the building totalling 1785 square metres to use as a warehouse and hence required the floor to be flat, uniform, smooth and hardwearing, able to support the full warehouse function including racking, forklift trucks, pallet trucks and foot traffic.

Previously a foundry, the concrete slab was dirty with carbon dust and eroded between 25 and 75mm. Upon assessment of the damage to the floor it was recommended that the quickest and most economical solution was a Cementitious screed.

The process involved a heavy shot blast, double the average strength, in order to remove the worst of the surface as there was 2-3mm asphalt on circa 400 square metres that required a second pass. To prevent damp ingress two coats of DCP DPM epoxy resin priming system were laid before 35 tonnes of DCP renovation base screed, giving the whole area a covering of 10mm to 70mm to achieve a minimum 7-8mm screed. 20 tonnes of DCP Cemflow topping cementitious screed were laid completing the concrete slab renovation. To complete the flooring transformation two coats of Resdev Pumatect, high build epoxy resin flooring system were laid in the client’s chosen Mid Grey.

The job was spread over 4 weeks to fall in line with the client’s building work schedule.


Mr Vijay Patel of Amesplan Ltd commented “PSC have done a great job, thank you. The floors were particularly bad as the building was previously a foundry. The floors are now perfect for future use. I would definitely recommend PSC’s services.”