You can ‘wheelie’ see the difference after Kelray replenish a ‘tyred’ worn out floor

The Kelray team gave a tyre centre in Bridgend a fresh, heavy duty resin flooring solution that would withstand daily impact and abrasion whilst complementing the centre and its services.

Kelray Ltd was asked to revitalise the existing floor which comprised of damaged and uneven concrete and steel tiles due to general wear and tear in the centre. All work had to be carried out whilst the centre was in working operation and with minimum disruption to the workforce. The Kelray team promised to provide a professional, comprehensive service that would meet the specific needs of the client, and that is exactly what they did. The solution was to provide a multi-layer resin flooring system. The floor was prepared using diamond grinders and dust control units. A combination of epoxy repair mortar and self-levelling basecoat was applied to give the floor an even finish. Reinforcement mesh was embedded within one coat of AltroProof Solo Universal DPM primer and a non-slip aggregate was applied. The floor was then finished with 6mm AltroCrete Polyurethane Resin Screed which provided a heavy duty, slip resistant finish. The Kelray team provided a seamless, non-slip, strong, impact resistant flooring without causing any disruption to the productivity of the centre.