The Trade Centre, Neath Wales

The new Neath branch of The Trade Centre Wales is given a Remmers floor from TPS360 that meets the demanding requirements of a busy automotive facility.

The new 1,600m2 automotive workshop facilities at The Trade Centre in Neath required a breathable anti-slip system to be installed. Due to the relatively new substrate and uncertain moisture levels at the time of specification, a breathable flooring system was recommended which would eliminate potential pitfalls during the installation phase. The installers TPS360, measured the moisture levels during the installation and to facilitate the curing process, temporary heating and ventilation systems were used to reduce any moisture present. TPS360 used a state of the art HTC diamond grinding system to provide a first class substrate for the application of the resin coatings. A FeRFA Type 3 high build floor coating system was then applied in two coats. Remmers BS 3000 SG was selected as a high quality, damp tolerant resin, with a wide application spectrum and VOC free properties. ADD 250 Polymer Beads were then added to provide an anti-slip, textured finish to give a surface that remained easy to clean. It was essential that the coating system was installed within a timed scheduled to fall in with other key equipment installation phases that were also tied to a fixed programme.