Retford Fire Station Appliance Bay

A durable, chemical resistant flooring matches the heavy-duty service required by a busy Fire Station

Central Flooring Services has recently carried out a seamless polyurethane installation for main contractor Gelder Group at Retford Fire Station, being one their approved contractors. The project consisted of 165 m2 of floor area and 50 lm x 100mm high coving to the perimeters and is one of 15 fire stations awarded to Central Flooring Services from various contractors over the 2014-2015 period. The concrete substrate was shot-blasted to provide an adequate key and all joints and perimeters were toed-in to the manufacturers specification. The products installed were 8mm Altrocrete PU HD and Altrocove PU (Ferfa type 8). The advantages provided by this type of resin flooring system are the hygienic, chemical resistance and heavy-duty properties that it provides. Altrocrete also comes with a 10-year manufacturers warranty. The client was completely satisfied with the finished installation which will provide a durable surface for the fire services for many years to come.