Reading Network Rail Train Care Depot

Ryebrook Resins have provided a hard-wearing, chemical resistant, anti-slip, fast curing MMA resin for Network Rail’s Reading Train Depot.

The Reading Network Rail train care depot is used to service and maintain both train engines and carriages which are driven into the shed from the main rail system and can service four passenger trains simultaneously. Ryebrook Resins were awarded the contract to apply resin finishes to floors and vertical surfaces to the new £52m facility. The project consisted of preparing and applying 900m2 of Resdev Pumacoat V water based epoxy resin pigmented coatings to the vertical pit walls and laying Ryegrip Rapid MMA multilayer resin floor screed to 6,500km2 of concrete. The MMA was specified due to the heavy duty engineering requirements of the client, the speed of application and the need to install resin finish in all temperatures. Various slip resistant profiles were trialled with the main contractor and client before finalising the full system. In all twelve 200m strips and four pits were laid as well as multiple ancillary rooms in variable winter temperatures as low as 7degC with full cure within two hours. Due to the demands of the contractors programme, Ryebrook Resins were required to install the flooring system to the entire 200m length within a short time period. The length of the building and the long work area presented logistical challenges which were overcome by their fully trained site installation team and management, ensuring a consistent appearance throughout the entire area.