Mono Supercar on Pole Position with Flowcrete’s Showroom Floor

The Mono supercar has been given a platform for success in its new showroom with a glistening black floor that evokes the elite sophistication of the ultra high performance vehicle.

Intended for drivers seeking a ‘purist driving experience’, the Mono is a lightweight, single-seat, road legal sports car that has been created using the latest racing technology. Floor and Wall Ltd installed 82 m2 of the decorative flooring solution Rustik Glamourstone from at BAC’s – the British manufacturing company behind the Mono – new Liverpool showroom. Flowcrete’s Rustik Glamourstone creates a natural marble effect with a sleek lustre and light reflective finish. This system was identified as the ideal surface to display the exquisitely engineered, high-tech supercar, in large part thanks to its ability to combine functionality with aesthetics. The Rustik range of decorative flooring solutions are made from colourful pieces of marble encapsulated in a clear resin, giving an attractive, slip resistant finish that’s durable enough to withstand continuous foot and vehicle traffic without deteriorating. A tailor-made Flowcrete display stand has also been created for BAC to exhibit its supercar at trade events – meaning that wherever the Mono goes in the world Flowcrete is supporting it with a bespoke floor that conveys the car’s high-quality image.