Malvern Fire Station is now ready to tackle anything

The fire station at Malvern has been upgraded to provide a new facility with floors that meet the heavy demands of modern fire-fighting.

Malvern Fire Station needed to be upgraded, as the building failed to meet operational needs, necessitating the replacement of the wall and floor finishes throughout. The appliance bay is a busy testing area that gets a great deal of wear and tear, so the floor needed to be tough, safe underfoot in both wet and dry conditions and very durable. Resin flooring was the natural choice to meet the demands of such a challenging environment. Working with the Fire Service, Altro’s PU Fast-TrackTM resin flooring was chosen to be laid by Flo-Dek. AltroCrete PU has been used before in the Hereford & Worcester Fire Stations and it has proven very successful for this environment. It has the added benefit of providing a floor which is aesthetically pleasing. To minimise downtime, the Fire and Rescue Service wanted the resin floor to be installed over the existing quarry tiles, but tests by Flo-Dek showed that they needed to be removed and offered guidance on falls and drainage systems. Once the existing tiled floor and subscreed had been removed, the floor was planed to create a suitable surface profile and provide a mechanical key. A stainless steel slot drainage channel was then installed. AltroPol, a polymer underlayment screed, was then laid to falls, at 80mm thick in the 300m2 area, ensuring that the falls prevented water from migrating into other adjacent areas. After curing a 9mm layer of AltroCrete resin was installed with AltroCove PU to form coving around all the walls and columns in the appliance bay. AltroCrete PU Fast-Track is a 5-9mm textured floor, with a high level of slip resistance, made for heavy duty areas of potential spillage and increased temperature range. It has excellent resistance to impact and abrasion and to a wide range of chemicals. The ‘Fast Track’ option has the added benefit of a rapid overnight cure without any compromise on quality.