IRL keeps the Transpennine Express moving

IRL Group has carried out two projects at the Ardwick Traincare Depot to help keep the Transpennine Express running on time.

The Ardwick Traincare Depot is a multiple unit maintenance depot opened by Siemens in 2006 at a cost of £28m. It is used for the servicing of the Siemens Class 185 diesel locomotives used on the Transpennine Express. It was electrified in 2012/2013 to allow the servicing of Siemens class 350/4 electric multiple units. IRL Group has carried out two projects at the Ardwick Depot. The first of which was to lay a FeRFA type 6 resin flooring to floor areas, service trenches, maintenance pits and beams. Type 6 is a trowel finished, heavily filled system generally incorporating a surface seal coat to minimize porosity recommended for use in engineering workshops. A yellow cross hatched hazard zone was required with 100mm wide yellow strips and a blue walkway extension. The second involved resin repairs and walkway recoating to the main shed using FeRFA type 3 products. Both projects were completed in time, within budget to the satisfaction of the client.