Gogar Tram Depot gets slip resistant floor protection

Ronacrete and Industrial Floor Treatments have provided new hard wearing, slip resistant, easily cleaned and chemical resistant flooring at Gogar’s newly completed new tram depot.

The Edinburgh-Glasgow Improvement Programme (EGIP) is an improvement programme focusing on the Edinburgh to Glasgow rail corridor. Part of the programme included the construction of a new tram depot at Gogar. The depot building includes a two storey accommodation block, plus the tramway system control room and main workshop areas, an internal tram wash area, maintenance pits for tram maintenance as well as stabling areas for overnighting trams. The client’s design brief called for a robust anti-slip coating for the floor, it needed to be: hard wearing, slip resistant, easily cleaned and resistant to chemicals. Ronacrete’s RonaFloor HB100, a solvent free epoxy resin coating with additional anti-slip aggregate, was specified and laid by FeRFA Contractor Industrial Floor Treatments Ltd.