Audi Tunbridge Wells

Flexflooring completed the installation of a smart Stonex interior for a new Audi Showroom in Tunbridge Wells. The work was commissioned by BDB Design Build Ltd, a specialist building contractor in motor retail.

Flexflooring were asked to install approximately 775m2 of floor and 150m2 of curved walls. Our experienced installers started by installing expansion joints over the board joins so to ensure the surface did not crack along these joints. After installing the trim for the returns and around the light fitting, the coloured quartz was trowelled vertically to the wall using a specialist vertical binder. The result was smooth curved wall with the appearance of being constructed out of stone. The same principles were applied to the concrete slab, using expansion joints in areas where the surface could be prone to fracture. Before installing the floor, the power floated concrete slab was allowed to cure and then shot blasted to enhance the mechanical key, thoroughly vacuumed and an epoxy primer applied 24hours before installing the new surface. The Architect specified a 1-2mm epoxy coated quartz with the coloured inserts of the expansion RAL matched to the quartz. Flexflooring installed approximately 110m of expansion and 165m of trim. The result is a smart clean commercial floor giving the showroom its own unique character. Stonex is a hard wearing material which made it perfect for this building, which was going to have a combination of high footfall from customers as well as being able to withstand and endure the constant manoeuvring of the sleek Audi cars. Audi were very happy with the finished result.