Anti-slip resin flooring for major car workshop

TPS Flooring Solutions was appointed to create a safe and durable flooring for major workshop facility at Trade Centre Wales that would provide a non-slip solution to constant foot traffic and slow-moving vehicles.

Trade Centre Wales is one of the country’s largest car superstores, with acres of vehicles available for customers to browse at their leisure and dozens of new customers to deal with every day. As part of their warranty process, and to give new stock thorough pre-sale checks, the organisation has constructed a major new workshop facility in Neath, South Wales. TPS elected to treat the 1600m2 area with a FeRFA Type 3 high-build epoxy coating system (Remmers Epoxy BS3000 SG), applied in two coats with a special anti-slip bead added to ensure staff safety. Before coating, the existing workshop floor had to be properly prepared, with a state-of-the-art HTC diamond grinding system used to create a suitable substrate for the epoxy resin flooring. The surface preparation and resin coating had to be undertaken to strict deadlines in order to be considerate to an existing equipment delivery schedule at the workshop, and for that reason a breathable flooring system was selected (to reduce dry-out times and customer inconvenience). During installation humidity levels were carefully monitored, with temporary heating and ventilation systems employed by TPS Flooring Solutions to overcome concerns that the resin curing process could be hampered. Our careful system selection and working practises led to a clean, professional, hardwearing and safe finish for this major new car workshop. Systems used: Remmers AD250 – anti-slip system that keeps the surface easy-to-clean Remmers BS3000 – damp-tolerant, high opacity (for a solid appearance) and VOC-free for environmental consideration HTC Diamond Grinding – to ensure a suitable substrate