Altro Resins Speed Ahead

An Altro Resin Flooring system was chosen to match the sleek beauty of the Porsche Carreras on display at a newly created showroom.

911 Rennsport is a father and son venture to make owning Porsche Carrera RS both fun and financially attainable. It has led them over the years to creating dozens of unique, exciting and affordable cars. The family-run company wanted to build a new showroom and production facility at their centre at Moreton-in-Marsh. The centre used technological and forward-thinking design to create a highly-efficient working environment for the team. Tyack Architects assisted them in realising their design aspirations for the new building. Altro resin flooring was chosen to achieve the clean, durable, high specification finish desired. AltroFlow EP was used for the entire ground floor showroom and workshop, covering a total of 600 m2. AltroFlow EP is a three-part solvent-free, epoxy resin system for application to level floors, providing good chemical and impact resistance. It has an easily cleaned, smooth, seamless surface providing a smart high gloss finish. AltroExpand® epoxy flexible jointing compound was used with AltroFlow EP. The jointing compound is designed to withstand normal thermal and vibration movement whilst providing sufficient strength to protect joints arising from damage and erosion.