The work based recorder


The work based recorder

A Work Based Recorder (WBR) is usually employed by the company who has operatives undertaking the NVQ Diplomas, and can assist those candidates in obtaining the qualification.

Please contact FeRFA for details of the next course.

The Work Based Recorder must undertake a half days training to enable him or her to understand the requirements of the NVQ system, and what is required in the Candidates NVQ Portfolio. Grant funding is available from CITB towards the cost of this training.

The Work Based Recorder acts as the eyes and ears of the Assessor, assisting the candidate to gather relevant evidence and to vouch for its authenticity, and can assist in putting the candidates portfolio together.

This process can radically cut down the time an Assessor spends on the assessment process, thus cutting costs. They can also greatly increase pass rates for the NVQ Diploma.

The ideal candidates could be:

Site based supervisor, Foreman or Chargehand
Administrative staff
Other members of staff who may regularly visit the candidate
A Work Based Recorder is an invaluable link between Candidate, Assessor and the company, and would greatly benefit all concerned. Work Based Recorder courses are jointly organised by FeRFA and ConstructionSkills and held at intervals during the year. To find out the date of the next course pleasse contact FeRFA.