City Park 1 Installs High Performance Screed and Car Park Deck Coating Solutions

Flowcrete UK has supplied several high performance screed solutions for a large-scale office complex at Aberdeen’s City Park 1. This is one of the largest office developments in the city and will house the Wood Group’s new Head Office.

The office, which will accommodate 1,650 employees, required a robust screed on which to install raised access flooring for 19,000m2 of bare and vinyl covered panels. The screed would have to be able to withstand the high levels of traffic that it would be subjected to on a daily basis. To achieve this, 4,500m2 of the self levelling screed Isocrete Self Level Renovation and 2,500m2 of Isocrete K Screed were applied throughout the site. This combination of Flowcrete UK screeds was critical to creating a floor area that delivered a Grade “A” specification office accommodation, which was critical in order to meet the client’s high global design standards. Isocrete Self Level Renovation is a cementitious, fibre reinforced, pre mixed underlayment that could be pumped across the floor area of City Park 1. The original specification planned to use cement boards, however Flowcrete UK’s screed system was chosen in its place thanks to its easy to apply nature and enhanced functionality. Isocrete K-Screed is a semi-dry cementitious screed that incorporates an additive to turn it into a quick drying, high strength screed that can withstand high traffic conditions for an extended period of time. 4,500m2 of the specialist car park deck coating materials Deckshield Rapide ID and Deckshield Rapide ED were also supplied for this project to create a high performance, waterproof floor finish across the site’s new car park facility.