Industry-leading resin supplier unveils a new product

Huddersfield-based and award-winning material specialists The Resin Mill is delighted to launch a brand new product that will transform the installation of outdoor resin surfaces.

The first of its kind on the market, Resin Rox consists of dry premixed and bagged aggregates.

The product comes in 24 different colour blends and ensures the perfect shade every time with every bag, making jobs easier and quicker for resin installers.

They will no longer have to spend time finding four different colour and size stone bags to mix to achieve the desired shade for their customer’s driveway, path or patio.

Scott Haley, operations director at The Resin Mill, said: “We are excited to launch Resin Rox, which will not only simplify the resin installation process for contractors up and down the country but also improve the resin bound surface industry as a whole.

“The idea of premixed aggregates was born after we noticed the gap in the market. We found the mixing of dry aggregates on-site as potentially an area for error and time consuming, leaving excessive waste and taking up unnecessary labour time.”

The product was two years in the making and has gone through rigorous testing processes. It offers carefully sourced materials that are of the highest standard.

Mixing ratios used for Resin Rox are more accurate than labour intensive mixing bags on-site, that is why installers can expect quality materials in every bag.

Thanks to The Resin Mill’s efficient premixing methods, any waste aggregate is eliminated, making Resin Rox environmentally friendly. It also makes resin projects more cost-effective as well as reduces the number of resources, energy loss and any aggregate bulk waste.

For more information about Resin Rox and other resin bound and bonded products, please visit or call 01484 400 855.

KÖSTER Flooring Systems – Approved Applicator Training

KÖSTER Flooring Systems are running an approved applicator training course on 13th and 14th April.

Day 1 covers the full VAP vapour control system for industrial and commercial applications, including shot blasting, screeds, and heavy-duty finishes.

Day 2 – Covers our Koster VAPLite and Universal Floor systems – aimed at residential basements and smaller floor areas where shot blasting may not be practical.

Successful completion of this course will result in the participant receiving a Koster approved applicator certificate and I.D. card. listing the products covered. (Those attending only day 2, will be approved for VAPlite and Universal Floor applications).

For further details and booking form click here

Flowcrete launches game-changing new Flowcrete Mondeco formulation

Flowcrete has transformed its Mondeco seamless terrazzo flooring, developing a high-performance formulation to give architects and specifiers long-lasting beauty underfoot.

Used the world over for floors that combine quality, beauty and performance, the new collection incorporates elements of the most specified designs in Flowcrete Mondeco’s 40 year history.

The new formulation offers superior UV stability, the option of larger aggregates for extra visual impact, and a choice of 12mm and 9mm options, as well as a more economical 6-7mm version.

With a focus on exclusivity and easy specification, the new range is centred around eight collections, which together offer 32 design options, using a variety of aggregates encapsulated in a choice of four RAL coloured resins.

In-keeping with the classic origins of terrazzo, the eight collections are inspired by Italian names that reflect the unique individual qualities of each aggregate and resin mix. These include Moderno, (modern look) featuring a new, contemporary style based on a darker aggregate, Scintilla (mirror) which features mirrored glass, and Solare (radiant) a stunning design featuring on-trend yellow and orange stones.

The new UV stability formulation also enables a stunning finish to be achieved with the whiter designs in the existing range, Mondeco Arctic, which sees a new design addition, with a much whiter marble, named ‘Snow’, completing a choice of three white shades in the collection.

Developed to stylishly stand the test of time, Flowcrete Mondeco offers exceptional strength and impact resistance, combined with low maintenance requirements. It also brings solid sustainability credentials, primarily due to the longevity of the finish, which can last the lifetime of a building.

It also has a low VOC formulation and depending on the design, up to 60 per cent of Flowcrete Mondeco’s composition can also be drawn from recycled clear, coloured mirror glass chippings.

Michelle Mendes, Flowcrete Market Manager, said: “With a rich variety of colourful and decorative aggregates, seamless terrazzo is the ideal choice to transform a simple entryway or corridor into a space of power and elegance.

“Mondeco can be installed in a variety of complicated patterns and precision cut forms using brass or aluminium trims, which are laid on the surface of the floor in a matrix that designates each area of the design.

“It is so adaptable, it can be pre-cast in different moulds and shapes to create stair treads and risers, allowing for a seamless transition between the floor and wall.”

“We’ve set out to launch an enhanced seamless terrazzo flooring offer, which has been simplified in terms of the specification experience and delivers new advances in creativity and performance.

“The launch represents years of research and development, to make this stunning floor finish better than ever. It’s also much easier to install, making sure the contractor can keep to tight deadlines and work better with other trades on site.”

The new Flowcrete Mondeco range is the ideal choice for a wide variety of locations with very high footfall, from shopping centres to stadiums, in fact anywhere that needs a high performance, attractive finish with reinforced UV resistance and colour stability over time.

It joins other systems in the Mondeco portfolio, completing a total of 12 collections to choose from, including a fast-curing version, Mondeco Rapide, and an electrostatic terrazzo option, Mondeco ESD TZ. It also offers a version with silver ion-based anti-microbial technology for the ultimate in hygiene performance, which is popular in operating theatres and pharma.

As well as exceptional products, as a Construction Products Group (CPG) UK company, Flowcrete customers also have access to enhanced resources, including technical support from industry experts.

Full training, including RIBA Approved CPDs currently delivered virtually, application training (both practical and theory) and on-site support such as surveys, complete the service package. In line with the new Mondeco launch, Flowcrete has introduced a new RIBA approved CPD seminar, ‘Specifying Seamless Resin Terrazzo.

Other construction product brands under the CPG (UK) banner include TREMCO, illbruck, Dryvit, Nudura, and Nullifire.

Offering fire protection, as well as sealing, bonding, insulation, waterproofing and roofing solutions, as well as flooring, the high-performance building materials’ brands protect and weatherproof the entire building envelope, while also providing a single source of contact for specifiers.

Michelle Mendes added: “Our full system approach represents a unique offer to the specification sector and is something that the marketplace has not seen before.

“It means architects, developers and other specifiers can create stunning floors that create a wow-factor while also blending in with any environment, and mixing with other materials such as wood, carpets, soft furnishings.

To find out more about Flowcrete’s luxurious Mondeco terrazzo range visit the website at or contact flooringuk@cpg-europe to order a sample 01942 251400

Sherwin-Williams launches new fast-curing screed system for heavy traffic areas

Sherwin-Williams, a leading global coatings manufacturer, has launched a new fast-curing cementitious floor levelling screed system for areas undergoing heavy traffic.

Sher-Crete® SLX and Sher-Crete® BU products provide underlay and floor screeds with thicknesses up to 50mm in a single application, making them suitable for any areas where an underlay or floor levelling screed is required including warehouses, production facilities and storage areas for diverse industries including the aviation and automotive sectors.

The Sher-Crete Topscreed range can be used with resin flooring products where a thick sub-screed is required to create a smooth or level finish to heavily textured substrates.

Available to purchase in the United Kingdom and across Europe, Sher-Crete SLX is a powder product which requires the addition of just water. Applied by trowel or pump, its polymer-rich high-strength formulation creates a monolithic bond to a substrate, while its protein-free properties make it suitable for biologically sensitive areas such as laboratories, pharmaceutical settings or biologically sensitive areas.

The fast-curing schedule of the product allows for light traffic in as little as two hours and forklift traffic in 36 hours. It can then be sealed with a resin coat such as Resuflor™ HB to create an aesthetically pleasing anti-slip floor which is resistant to chemicals and process liquids, creating a hygienic, cleanable finish.

Jeremy Waterhouse, Flooring Product Manager at Sherwin-Williams, said: “Sher-Crete SLX and Sher-Crete BU screeds extend the underlay screed options we can provide for rough substrates. The practicality of the products offers major time and cost-saving advantages for projects in the industrial and commercial sectors with quicker installation times and fast curing schedules.

“With this expanded product range, we offer contractors more options that are essential to complement our resin flooring finishes and provide complete flooring solutions.”

Sher-Crete SLX can be applied at thicknesses from 5 to15 millimetres as a wearing surface, while Sher-Crete BU base screed can be applied from 5 to 50 millimetres in thickness.

To learn more about Sher-Crete or other high performance flooring systems, visit the Sherwin-Williams website: