Allocation of LeesonBound BBA UVR

As you will no doubt be aware there are currently significant supply disruptions in the raw material market for resin bound products.

This issue is particularly affecting the supply of UV stable resins, with 3 of the major base raw material producers declaring Force Majeure for reasons of fire and the recent snow disruption in Texas. The upstream raw materials are made almost exclusively in Texas, and as such, this will affect all of the suppliers of the raw materials for the Part B component of the system.

These disruptions are likely to continue for the next 3-4 months, the exact timing is not yet clear in what is a very dynamic situation, but we hope that from June there will be some improvement.

There has been commentary of repeated Force Majeures on these UV raw materials since 2017. That is not correct, MDI (non UV) was affected in 2017. The UV has not been meaningfully disrupted until this year.

Leeson Polyurethanes is the market leader in resin bound surfacing, and as such we have long standing agreements with our key suppliers. This means that Leeson has secured sufficient materials until the end of May, based on the historic volumes supplied to our customers in 2019 and 2020 over that period.

We can therefore reassure our existing customers of sufficient historic ongoing supply i.e., on an allocation basis, but that allocation matched to your historic purchases with Leeson Polyurethanes, thereby supporting you as best possible within the constraints we have placed upon us.

There are likely to be increases based on the increased prices we are having to pay to secure materials, but as ever, we will mitigate those increases as much as practical to you our customer.

If you require further information, please contact your Sales Manager, who is best placed to assist you.

We thank you for your support and understanding, and together we will weather this issue.

Build your screed with speed with UltraFloor Screed IT UltraCem

UltraFloor are delighted to present the flooring market with Screed IT UltraCem – the time saving alternative to sand and cement.
Traditionally, sand, cement and water are used to build a new screed from scratch. By using these materials, screeders are able to build up an even, deep concrete slab which is ready to receive a floorcovering after approximately 28 days.
Time is money and waiting 28 days for the screed to be ready is often too long if project deadlines are to be met. Screeders are usually the last trade on site and therefore feel the most pressure to save time and meet the desired completion date.
With this in mind, UltraFloor are excited to announce the launch of their latest flooring innovation – Screed IT UltraCem – a product that is guaranteed to save you time and money.
Screed IT UltraCem is a fibre modified hydraulic binder, which can replace general cement, and when mixed with graded aggregates and water will produce a rapid drying high strength screed which is ready to receive floor finishes such as ceramic/natural stone tiles, wood, lino, carpet etc. between just 24 hours and 4 days – a huge difference compared to the 28 days needed for traditional methods.
Suitable for both internal and external applications, Screed IT UltraCem is fibre reinforced for added strength, which means you don’t need to purchase fibres separately to get the same structural benefits.
What’s more, Screed IT UltraCem has been tailored to meet the needs of the UK flooring industry and is approved for use with 4mm graded aggregate if following our recommended mix designs.
Screed IT UltraCem is widely available through UltraFloor’s extensive distribution network. For further details of this innovative product, to place an order, or to find your nearest stockist, please contact UltraFloor by calling +44 (0) 1827 254402, emailing or sending a message on any of their social media channels.


Watco, is one of the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of high-performance industrial strength paint, repair and maintenance materials, has recently launched the next generation of its best-selling Concrex product, further expanding the Concrex range. Concrex Carbon Fibre is a premium epoxy resin mortar designed to permanently repair damaged concrete floors. It is now even stronger, more chemical resistant and dries even faster.

Concrex Carbon Fibre has been designed to offer its users a solution that is guaranteed to repair areas where other mortars on the market would fail. As such, the versatile repair mortar is ideal for a wide range of applications including very heavily trafficked floors, holes, ramps, loading bays, step nosings and guide rails.

With a resin-rich formula that is loaded with epoxy and reinforced with carbon fibre and ceramic, Concrex Carbon Fibre offers real benefits over the original Concrex formulation – already a market leading product. With interlocking sand particles and the ability to be feather edged, the solution provides both stronger results and a smoother finish.

Developed from the same formula as the original Concrex, it is due to recent advances in resin technology and access to new raw materials that Watco’s chemists have been able to create the new formula with enhanced strength, temperature resistance and reduced cure time. Concrex Carbon Fibre also includes a 15% increase in novolac resin content to boost the repair mortar’s chemical resistance and prevent damage in the event of spilt chemicals.

The high resin content of Concrex Carbon Fibre also enables the repair mortar to form kerbs and repair step nosings, allowing it to be shaped using a trowel and providing the strength required to hold it in place. It can also be paired with Watco’s Tack Coat if intricate repairs or thin screeding is required.

Furthermore, Concrex Carbon Fibre is simple to prepare. There is no need to use a primer and while other repair mortars require a three-part mix that can take up valuable time, Concrex Carbon Fire is already part mixed with the resin and aggregate combined. Users need simply add the grey activator to the mix and the product is ready to go. Fast drying, the repair is ready for traffic again in just one hour. With a 20-year guarantee against impact or abrasion failure, Concrex Carbon Fibre provides peace of mind that the repair will last.

Steve Chanter, Product and Operations Director at Watco, commented: “We are constantly working to improve our tried-and-tested formulations and the new and improved Concrex Carbon Fibre is the first in a series of re-formulations and new product launches coming this year.

“By blending carbon fibre and ceramic into this formulation, we have enhanced the performance of what was already the number one best-selling epoxy resin repair mortar on the market, providing Watco customers with the ultimate solution that cannot be beaten.”

For more information on Concrex Carbon Fibre, please visit and for Watco’s full product portfolio, please visit