Screeders Are Part of the Latest Solution to Surface Insulation

Warmfill Ltd are providing screeders with an opportunity to add a lucrative service to their portfolio – to be involved in another stage of the base preparations. Indeed, the most profitable stage . . .


Warmfill are experiencing a journey of growth, and with that, are interested in developing relationships with established screeding firms throughout the UK and Ireland.

To discover the commercial viability of this opportunity contact Warmfill Ltd on, +44 (0)28 9042 793, or email

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Fosroc Joint Sealant Selection

Although a relatively small budget component of a flooring project, when sealant works fail,the repercussions and access costs can be extreme – which makes the correct selection of joint sealant very important. Fosroc can advise on the correct product for your application from their range of joint sealants including:

Nitoseal MS300 – one-part floor joint sealant, for heavily trafficked areas where a tougher seal is required. Nitoseal MS300’s primer-less application and fast rate of cure enable joint sealing work to be completed quickly. Its advanced technology enables it to bond to damp surfaces and not stain decorative stone materials. It is suitable for saw cut and perimeter joints. Nitoseal MS300 is used in stadia in conjunction with Fosroc’s Flamex S to provide a trafficked, fire rated joint.

Nitoseal PU800 –  two-component gun grade sealant for internal joints subject to heavy loading and abrasion, or where chemical resistance is required. Easily installed to give a flush finish it can be used in factories, warehouses, distribution centres as well as shopping centres. It is particularly effective where there is forklift truck traffic.

Thioflex 555 – two-component fast curing joint sealant ensuring rapid return to service (30 minutes machine grade, 4 hours hand grade). It has excellent bonding and movement capabilities and is ideally suited for fast installation due to its high extrusion rates. Thioflex 555 is extremely versatile and can be used in a wide range of applications and its high durability ensures a long service life.

Thioflex 600 – two-component, gun and pouring grade, sealant for sealing movement joints in building and civil engineering structures, including superstructures, floors, basements and subways. Thioflex 600 has excellent adhesion to most common substrates, providing a tough seal and high chemical resistance.

For further information on the Fosroc sealant range or advice in choosing the appropriate sealant for your project contact

You can also view Fosroc’s latest webinar ‘A Guide to Joint Sealants’ by registering here.