17th June 2020


Sika has developed a unique crack-bridging solution for the time and cost-effective refurbishment of car parks. It includes an innovative application method that has been developed for surfaces with direct traffic.

The Sikalastic® OneShot Parkdeck System contains a combination of proven technologies: fast-curing pure polyurea liquid, and a tough-elastic, coloured, polyurethane seal coat. Developed to protect surfaces subject to direct traffic, the Sikalastic® OneShot system provides safe, robust decking for multi-storey and underground car parks; it’s a slip-resistant, highly-durable product with high crack-bridging ability to reduce time on site. This is achieved through its unique application method via special two-part spray equipment, which is used to apply ultra-rapid Sika® Concrete Primer and the crack-bridging waterproofing membrane Sikalastic®-8800, in preparation for the system’s roller-applied, non-slip polyurethane seal coat.

The Sikalastic® OneShot Parkdeck System’s time and cost-effectiveness is enhanced by its sand constituent, which is fully-bonded and removes the need to remove excess particles.

Simon Clark Product Manager at Sika said: “Sikalastic® OneShot Parkdeck System is another result of our drive for innovation in the flooring market. With this system, we have developed a solution that saves time and expense in relation to car park deck installation, without compromise to performance. Its Sika technologies guarantee car park flooring that looks as good as it lasts.”

As well as withstanding the long-term stresses and strains of traffic movements, the Sikalastic® OneShot Parkdeck System offers superb resistance to related issues such as rainwater, atmospheric carbonation, de-icing salts and automotive fluids, movement and groundwater.

The Sikalastic® OneShot Parkdeck System returns a car park to service quicker and minimises the loss of revenue – in one shot.